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The steel man of the world

Pride of the community
The steel man of the world

Dr. Pritam Singh is a management guru who has devoted his life to the development of management education in India and abroad. He was responsible for developing IIM Lucknow and MDI and helping them sign as many as 36 MoUs with American, European, Canadian, Australian and Asian Management Schools.

Dr Singh has been hailed as a change master par excellence and a renaissance leader for his contribution in building intellectual capital at the Administrative Staff College and turning IIM Bangalore into a truly integrated management school.

Dr Singh was also singularly responsible for turning MDI into a renowned B-School during his tenure as director. He had also played a key role in developing IIM, Lucknow, into a world class institution during his stint as its head.

He has been on the board of nearly a hundred institutions in India. Currently he is on the board of the Reserve Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Oriental Insurance, Shipping Corporation of India, Unit Trust of India, Indian Medicines Pharmaceutical Corporation, ICRA, Banaras Hindu University and the US Educational Foundation in India.

He has also been at the helm of policy issues involving both management education and corporate management. He has been a key member of the Indian Airlines and Air India Merger Committee and the Management Education Committee.

As director, IIM, Lucknow, and director, MDI, Gurgaon, Dr Singh initiated a number of social projects focusing on healthcare, education, water management and road building for the community staying close to these institutions. An M.Com (BHU), MBA (USA), Ph.D. (BHU), Dr Singh is the author of seven academically reputed books and published over 50 research papers .

Awards & Honors:
For his distinguished services, he was given the 'Padma Shri' in 2003. He has also been conferred with many other prestigious management awards. Notable among them are ESCORT Award (1979 and 2002), FORE Award (1984), Best Motivating Professor IIM Bangalore Award (1993), Best Director Award of Indian Management Schools (1998), Outstanding CEO National HRD Award (2001), UP RATNA Award (2001), Wisitex Foundation Award - Eminent Personality of the Decade (2002) TIEUP California USA Outstanding Entrepreneur Award (2002), IMM Outstanding Management Educator Award (2002), Managerial GRID Leadership Excellence Award (2002).

Dr Singh was appointed as an additional director on the board of the Hero Honda Company in 2004.

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