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KarmYogi & RajRishi Narayan Babu

He was a visionary leader from GOREAKOTHI ( Now SIWAN) , Sri Narayan Prasad Singh who initiated the process " Importance of EDUCATION" in his area and due to his continuous effort GOREAKOTHI is on the TOP . Born on 16th December , 1887 in a bhumihar brahmin of Gotra PARASHAR Sri Narayan Babu was a real Karmyogi & RajRishi .

He was member of First Constituent Assembly in 1937 , This Assembly was having members like Motilal Nehru & Vallabh-bhai Patel and Speaker was Viththal-Bhai Patel ( Eleder Brother of Sardar Patel ) . Once , NARAYAN Babu asked Speaker to have permission to speak on PUBLIC SAFETY BILL but in HINDI , Speaker Viththal Bhai PATEL was not permitting any HINDI SPEAKER , but NARAYAN BABU was rigid , Later on with discussion , Speaker agreed with NARAYAN BABU and NARAYAN BABU became FIRST HINDI SPEAKER in PARLIAMENT . This one story shows how much NARAYAN BABU was having love for MATRIBHASHA .

Narayan Babu was very much fluent in HINDI , ENGLISH , URDU , FARASI , BHOJPURI and later on he started a magazine YOGI in Hindi language which was continue till 1972 , even Rashtra Kavi DINKAR jee edited this magazine for many years .

He wrote a Poem for KISAN - " BAIL - BATISHI" in which he described all good qualities of an OX , This poem is still popular in SARAN and BIHAR .

He was very much advocate of Social revolution and Women Empowerment which effect can be seen even today as his NATIVE "GOREAKOTHI" is always No 1 in producing Lady Teacher , Lady Doctor , Lady Advocate . This Village also proudly announce to have even prestigious AIIMs alumni .

He started KARMYOGI HIGH SCHOOL in GOREAKOTHI(SIWAN) in 1916 and till this date this school alumni counts 500+ doctors in last 90 years which include 5 doctors every year :) and 1200 + engineers and all are alumni of this SCHOOL . Important point is that WHAT FLAG he Keep ..was spreaded among all.

People from his village says He was much affluent to this KARMYOGI HIGH SCHOOL that he made a HOSTEL and use to take everyday dinner along with School Students and Teachers . Teachers were hired from across the North India . This way he was having IMPORTANCE of Education .

He died on 14th June 1950 . The very next year his son Sri Krishna Kant Singh won election in Bihar assembly from Goreakothi and become deupty education minister in SRI BABU RAAJ . In Same Cabinet NARAYAN BABU samadhi Sri ram Charitra babu from BIHAT, Begusarai was Industy and Power minister . Narayan Babu Son in Law Sri Chandrashekhar babu was CPI leader and most honest Leader same with Narayan Babu Daughter Smt Shakuntala Sinha ( w/o Chandrashekhar Babu) was also a known figure in COMMUNIST MOVEMENT in BIhar and won many elections as MLA .

Narayan Babu eleder grand son(POTA) Sri Bumendra Narain Singh is in social service and was a winner in Feb 2005 election as MLA . While Second grand Son Dr Ramendra Narain Singh is a famous surgeon in patna with double MS degrees ( MS in Ortho and MS in General Surgery ) while third grand son Dr Gyanendra Narain Singh is leading RADIOLOGIST in PATNA , They all run prestigious TARA HOSPITAL & Research Centre .

Narayan Babu another grand son(NATI) Late PYARE BABU ( Son of Sri Chandrashekhar Babu and smt Shakuntla Sinha) was a honest Industrialist were having Industrial Units in DELHI and was a quite famous in PATNA with his brand DAFFODILs ( a Studio at Dak Bunglow) . He died in a road accident in 1997 near by MERRUT (west UP) .

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  1. sarpanch name of karanpura panchayat goreakothi..smt.chandrawati devi .h/o..vijay singh.

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